The 1st of July has come and gone and the industry is facing the impact of what the introduction of the new Healthy Homes Standards brings for landlords moving forward. In this update, Ben Westerman discusses the key parts of the Healthy Homes Standards and how this will impact landlords. If you would like to discuss how these changes could affect your specific property, or would like further detail on any part of the legislation contact feel free to get in touch.

With a lot in the media lately about the rental industry and the proposed changes to legislation, we thought it was appropriate to give you a brief overview of the changes and what impact that may have to investment owners.

Each property is different, so we certainly encourage you to take a couple of minutes and have a listen to the video on the link below and give us a call if you have any concerns or want to talk about the detail of the changes and how it might affect your investment.

With a change in government, comes the introduction of new legislation surrounding the investment market. Director Ben Westerman overviews those changes and how they might affect you in the following short video.